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Working Papers

(2024). Cracking or Packing Ethnic Groups? The Colonial Design of Administrative Units in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Ongoing Research


Spatial analyses of local state building and its effects on development and conflict.

Data Projects

Historical Ethnic Geography (HEG) data

Collection of time variant data on ethnic geography in Europe from 1886 to 2020.

State Reach in Africa

Spatial state reach data for African states since independence, based on travel times to national and regional capitals

Linking Ethnic Data from Africa (LEDA)

We interlink 11 ethnic datasets from Africa via the language tree.

Spatially Interpolated Data on Ethnicity

Collection of 253 near-continuous maps of local ethno-linguistic, religious, and ethno-religious settlement patterns in 47 countries.

Regions in independent Africa

Collection of GIS data on 1st level administrative units, independence - today.

African road network data

Time-varying GIS data on road networks from the Michelin map corpus 1966-2017.



Teaching Statement (pdf)

As an Instructor:

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics and Conflict Studies (GV4N2), selected lectures & seminars (2023-2024)
    MSc Political Science, LSE

  • The Politics of Globalization (GV4N3), selected lectures (2023-2024)
    MSc Political Science, LSE

  • Comparative Conflict Analysis, Seminar (Fall 2022)
    MSc Comparative Conflict Analysis, LSE

  • Research Design and Methods Practical Sessions (Fall 2020, 2021)
    MPhil International Relations, University of Oxford

  • Thesis Seminar (Fall 2020, 2021)
    MPhil International Relations, University of Oxford, co-taught

  • The Development of the International System and Contemporary Debates in IR Theory (Fall 2020)
    MPhil International Relations core course, University of Oxford

  • Tutoring in Practice of Politics and International Relations (Fall 2020–)
    Undergraduate degrees at the University of Oxford: Introduction to the Practice of Politics; International Relations; and International Security

  • Political Economy of Development and Conflict in Africa (Fall 2019).
    Master of Comparative and Internation Studies, ETH Zurich
    Co-taught with Yannick Pengl. Syllabus

  • Ethnic Conflict from a Political Science Perspective (2017).
    Summer School of the German National Academic Foundation
    Co-taught with Yannick Pengl. Syllabus: English | German

As a Teaching Assistant:

  • Quantitative Methods, Master level, 2015
  • Introduction to Political Economy, Undergraduate level, 2014-2015